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Introducing CRAB

Welcome to the Crab Market...

 Crab Market is an innovative decentralized platform offering variable yield options. Utilizing a symbiotic relationship between burning, staking and price through DeFi to maximize growth and sustainability.
Fully audited by Techrate : Crab Market Audit

Doing your own research is vital in the cryptosphere, but if you're feeling a bit crabby rn, we get it bro. 👊
Here's how things work...

  •  Staking CRAB in the stake pool accrues interest at a minimum of 4.20% APY, paid in CRAB. Staking has a minimum 7 day locked staking period from your most recent stake, claim or roll. Claim accrued interest at any point throughout the duration of your stake.

  •  Burning CRAB pumps the price and maximizes staking returns. CRAB achieves this by automatically burning a copy of the amount burnt in the CRAB/ETH Uniswap v2 pair. This increases price alongside using your burnt amount as a metric to calculate your individual staking APY up to a maximum of 10x (42.0%), achieve max staking APY by burning a total of 90% of your staked balance!

  •  Referring users to Crab Market rewards you, enjoy a 5% copy of your referrals staking interest forever. A referrer must have used the platform in the past before referrering others (e.g. staking). Users cannot self refer. A 3% copy of staking interest is also allocated to developer.

  •  CRAB offers an interesting staking mechanism, giving further depth to tokenomics and game-theory elements surrounding CRAB.

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CRAB Staking

Staking CRAB earns interest at 4.20% APY and up to 42.0% APY with 90% of staked amount burnt.

Burn CRAB to pump the price relative to amount burnt, increase your individual CRAB staking APY.

Head to the NFT area and stake in CRABs NFT Staking pool, accessible only by owning a Genesis Crab.

CRAB Burning 

 Burning CRAB increases your individual staking APY up to a maximum of 10x.
 Burning CRAB simultaneously pumps the price by burning an equivalant amount of CRAB from the ETH/CRAB pair of Uniswap v2, or 1% of the pool if your burn equivalent is over.

Burn 90% of your staked balance to achieve 10x staking bonus.

Burn up to 10x of your total staking interest claimed to help pump the price!

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CRAB Staking 

 Stake CRAB to increase your position and earn CRAB passively
 7 day stake lock period - your most recent stake/claim/roll resets the period.

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NFT Staking

Genesis NFT ownership gives exclusive access to the Crab Market NFT staking pool. The OG NFT of the Crab Market ecosystem!

NFT staking yield is distributed as followed: 85% equally between staked NFTs in the stake pool, 10% allocated to burn for APY increase, 5% allocated to increase stake position. Any user can choose to distribute, burn and roll allocated yield, whether staked or not. Yield must be claimed by each user individually.

GENESIS NFT CONTRACT : 0x45036a8C1234A2d42992688c5EAf83d2F7E3496A
OFFICIAL NFT STAKING CONTRACT : 0x89B8820c63f293bfBb94F9c7F3200523BAFa3A78

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